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It was a pleasure to work with this energetic and imaginative internship team, to develop a concept that would aid the general practitioner in managing an ever increasing workload.

The brief was intentionally left open, which necessitated a considerable amount of tenacity and creativity to try and develop a truly beneficial adjunct to the complex process of initial assessment and management of urgent care needs in general practice.

Through the use of primary research, actively engaging with the local practice patient population as well as the larger population, a tool was developed to aid the management of patient self care, taking into account pre-existing tools and platforms, and identifying a gap in the presentation and engagement with the individual patient.

It is hoped to take this concept forward, but it is a testament to the determination of the team that they saw this through to the concept stage, by effectively interfacing with the complex fast paced environment of today's general practice.

Clearleft enabled this process with engagement by their professionals at key stages and providing project management support throughout the process to enable this successful completion.

Dr Sheppard Dr Sheppard
Henfield Medical Practice